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Hydrometallurgy is a broad field of science and technology that relates to the recovery of metals via processing in water-based solutions. The recovery of gold by cyanidation, copper by heap-leach-SX-EW, zinc by roast-leach-electrowin or pressure leaching are all examples of hydrometallurgical technologies that are practiced globally. In addition, we live in a time where many more metals are becoming critical to the support of modern society and lifestyle. The recovery of silver, platinum group metals, indium/gallium/germanium, rare earth metals and nickel/cobalt all have key hydrometallurgical steps in their process flowsheets. The advancement of hydrometallurgy science and technology requires continued investigation into the fundamentals and applications of the field. We need to understand better how to leach various minerals to extract contained metals. We need new solvent extraction and separation technologies to produce pure metal products. The field of electrometallurgy is advancing quickly with new titanium anodes more widely adopted for base metal electrowinning and more intensive cell house designs using air sparging and cell covers. It is an exciting time to be involved in the field of hydrometallurgy.

On behalf on International Metallurgical Consultants we welcome technical contributions from the global metallurgical industry to the Hydrometallurgy conference in Lima. We especially welcome contributions from the metallurgy community in Peru. Peru has vast resources of precious, base and rare metals and many unique opportunities and challenges for the future. It is my hope that through this conference we can foster a close collaboration between mining and metallurgy companies, suppliers to the industry, engineering partners, academic institutions and government agencies toward the goal of maintaining and growing the vibrant Peruvian industry in the global context.

David Dreisinger is a Professor and Chair of the Industrial Research Chair in Hydrometallurgy at the University of British Columbia. The Chair is funded by 20 Canadian and International companies with an interest in Hydrometallurgy. David leads a broad program of work in the fundamentals and application of hydrometallurgy in the recovery of base, precious and rare metals. Together with students and industrial colleagues David holds 21 US Patents for inventions in the metals sector. These patents have been commercialized at the Mt. Gordon Copper process in Australia and the Sepon Copper Process in Laos. Dr. Dreisinger has also invented a number of processes that are undergoing commercialization at present including the PLATSOL process for PGM recovery, the Starved Acid Leach Technology (SALT) for nickel recovery, the Search Minerals Direct Extraction Process for rare earth recovery and the South American Silver process for precious (Ag and Au) and rare (In and Ga) metal recovery from the Malku Khota ore in Bolivia.


Chairman of Hydrometallurgy 2017.


* Hydrometallurgical Processes.
* Electrometallurgical Processes.
* Hydro and Electrometallurgical Equipment.
* Solvent extraction and ion exchange.
* Heap leaching.
* Cyanidation of gold and silver.
* Activated Carbon
* Biotechnologies applied to mining.
* Copper, Gold, Zinc, Silver, Lead, Uranium, Phosphates Metallurgy.
* Best practices in Hydro and Electrometallurgical Plants.
* Environmental Issues.
* Modelling, Simulation, Research and Test, Control & Automation.
* Plants Design.

Program of the I International Congress on Hydrometallurgy includes about 30 presentations between technical papers & keynote lectures along with interesting discussion panels.


If you want to present a technical paper (participation as Author), please submit an abstract (250-300 words) with research scope to email: hydrometallurgy2017@gmail.com , and it will be checked by the organization. If approved, a complete technical paper will be asked to you. Your paper will be inside of USB memory stick that participants will get.


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